Best Nipple Shield

Best nipple shield
Breastfeeding is a tough gig. A lot of new moms have difficulty latching, and other issues like flat or inverted nipples can make it even harder. But, thankfully, a breastfeeding aid called a nipple shield can help many nursing moms overcome these challenges and keep their milk supply going. A nipple shield is essentially an enlarged version of your areola that gives baby a larger area to latch onto and can encourage more effective suckling.

Nipple shields come in all shapes and sizes, but a good one can be a big help in breastfeeding success. Many are made of soft and flexible silicone that can mold to your nipples for a comfortable fit. Some are also designed to stimulate the nipple and provide relief for sore nipples. They are often shaped to resemble a bottle nipple, but some have a wider mouth that can be helpful for babies who have trouble latching on to the natural nipple.

Before you use a nipple shield, it’s important to consult a lactation counselor or breastfeeding trained midwife for advice and guidance first. They can help you identify issues that may be preventing a good latch, and they can advise whether or not using a nipple shield is the right solution for you. Once you do decide to use a nipple shield, Spatz recommends pumping before you nurse to fill the tunnel of the shield and entice your baby to latch on. Best nipple shield

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